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The difference between a good web hosting and a great one is that problems are a rare occurrence and when they do occur, there’s always someone to help solve them. Our team of technical specialists are ready anytime to help and they're only a click away.

Stability, speed and flexibility is what best describes our services.

Whether you own a small website or full online business, we are here to offer the best solutions that suit your needs.

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Hosting Plans

Vps Hosting

VPS servers are the ideal solution when your needs no longer fit the shared hosting resources. With the similar characteristics of a dedicated server, VPS servers allow full control. We use state of the art equipment in order to offer premium infrastructure.

We limit costs, not speed!

Using the power of technology, our virtual servers are an advantageous solution with accessible costs and because we know the value of every minute, we ensure an uptime of 99.9%. Each virtual server acts independently, similar to a dedicated server but without the costs for complete root access, processes, users, IP addresses or files.

Hosting Plans

Dedicated servers

Pramotech - Dedicated servers

We offer complete hosting services on the most technologically performant and stable equipment. Our dedicated servers are specially designed for applications that require a high level of performance, stability and security.

A dedicated server is the ideal solution for big websites with intense user traffic allowing full customization, installation and flexibility overall.

Our dedicated servers are not just simple servers, they are everything you need to maximize the hosting experience, we offer a high level of security, speed and uptime. With full time monitoring and 24/7 technical support, we are the answer to your hosting needs.

Hosting Plans

Resseler Hosting

Your online business could start with minimum investment and maximum support! Our reseller hosting offer includes high quality services and enough resources to ensure your online business’ safety. 

We own some of the most powerful servers for hosting solutions that guarantee a better protection against cyber attacks and a 50% higher speed for processing PHP scripts.

Our advance operating system is designed for hosting companies specially to ensure total isolation for our hosted websites. We run daily back-ups on our dedicated servers so your online information is always safe.

About us

Why Pramotech?

We offer 24/7 assistance with all aspects of your hosting needs, whether you’re a savvy geek or just a beginner. With our vast experience in hosting hundreds of websites, starting from simple static websites to entire online companies, you have the certainty that you’ll benefit from the most stable and performant solutions, no matter how big your project is. Our equipment uses the latest technology in order to offer the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our role is not just to host a website on a server but also to ensure that all our customers technical needs are met. We always make sure that everything is working properly, we immediately intervene in case of cyber attacks or errors from poor coding or incompatible plugins. These errors occur often with no fault of our own but our role is to quickly identify and solve them before they affect the company’s servers. We always monitor, quickly intervene and offer support. 

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Feel free to contact us, we are here to offer the best solutions for your business. Our technical support team is ready to help, we’re just a click away!